Happy Halloween Soap Pumpkin Template

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What fun to continue your obsession with soapmaking into a creative pumpkin carving this Halloween! Trista Page, Indigo Bee, Inc., shares her original design for a template (insert pdf.) and a photo of her creation. You ask what already? Well, our Tampa, Florida HSMG member carved her Styrofoam pumpkin way ahead of schedule to add to her beautiful fall décor.  Feel free to carve your own soap pumpkin and share your photos with us! Send to mgelnett@soapguild.org and I’ll post them on our social media with your business name and website. Have fun!  Download a copy of the template, or contact mgelnett@soapguild.org
for a copy.

3 Comments on “Happy Halloween Soap Pumpkin Template”

  1. What a great idea. I am off to Michaels to buy one of their pumpkins to carve and keep. //Kay Rose Abbey’s Handcrafted Soaps

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