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Gillian had her first encounter with a bar of handcrafted soap at her sister’s house over a decade ago. Well, that was it. It was love at first smell. It was a peppermint goat’s milk bar and it was fabulous. Being a thrifty do-it-yourselfer, Gillian figured if other people could make soap, then surely she could learn, too.



A trip to the library was in order. Unfortunately, the local library had only one book on soapmaking, but it did give the basics, so off to the store to find everything. After assembling all the ingredients, Gillian created her first magic batch of soap. That first batch was nothing special, and boy has she learned a lot about formulating since that first batch, but it was SOAP.

After perfecting formulating, Gillian was eager to play with colors and design. Being a cold process soapmaker, Gillian wanted to see what could be done with colors and techniques in cold process soaps to make them as attractive and interesting as some of the fancy melt and pour soap bars.


Gillian’s company, Little Bitty Soap Company, now specializes in fun and funky designer cold process bars. The creative process is so much fun, and fits Gillian philosophy perfectly….that everyone needs a little fun in their lives.


In 2007, Little Bitty Soap Company and Gillian joined the Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild. After attending the 2008 Conference in Vermont, Gillian new she wanted to serve the Guild, so, she volunteered for the Membership Committee, the Scholarship Committee and also served as Vendor Coordinator at the 2009 conference in Palm Springs. This year, she has been appointed to the Board of Directors and is serving as the Membership Committee Chair. Gillian and her committee of dedicated soapers will be working hard this year for the betterment of the the Guild.

Maria Gelnett

HSMG Vice President

3 Comments on “Member Spotlight – Little Bitty Soap Company, Gillian DeConto”

  1. Gillian is one creative soapmaker and full of enthusiasm. I love her soap designs. They are like her, fun and unusual. She will be a great addition to our Board.//Kay Rose, Abbey’s Handcrafted Soaps

  2. Hi Gillian! Your soaps are really amazing. I LOVE the third picture especially. The white soap with little blue & green striped edges (those are the exact colors in my studio!). Very beautiful, delicate & unique! Keep it up 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you in Denver!

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