Fabulous HSMG Merchandise!!

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You may not have known, but the HSMG has some fabulous merchandise available!  In an effort to help soapmakers make themselves known as soapmakers, promote the handcrafted soap industry, and increase awareness of the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild, we have apparel and accessories for sale – all with the HSMG logo to clearly communicate your affiliation and support of soapmaking. It … Read More

Member Spotlight – Jim Gregory, Grandma Gee’s Soap

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Jim started making soap his sophomore year in college shortly after his great grandmother fell ill. Up to then, Jim was looking to start a small business. Interested in alternative energy to make a positive impact on the world, Jim’s motto is to leave this planet in a little better shape than when entered. Investigating bio-diesel, Jim discovered soap. With … Read More

News & Announcements for HSMG Members

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June 10 2009 From the President Well, the conference is over, the election held, the dust is settling from the flurry of activity over the last six weeks. You’d think things would be quieting down a little, but actually there is lots of activity going on and BIG plans for the next year in the HSMG! Conference The 2009 Conference … Read More

HSMG Board Strategy and Planning Meeting

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The 2009-2010 Strategy and Planning Meeting of the HSMG Board of Directors went fantastic! What camaraderie and progressive ideas surfaced for the coming year with ready, willing and able bodied Directors. We worked hard with 19 hours of meetings in two days and it was well worth it. The HSMG is here for you, your soapmaking business and the soapmaking … Read More