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A Canadian member, Betty Jane Ware is an herbalist, soapmaker, and owner of Goddess Blends.
Starting with melt and pour, then on to find Hot Process, she has been making soap for a number of years. Her journey into soapmaking began from a rather different perspective than most of us: she is a practicing witch.  One of the things a witch does to prepare for ritual is a bath or cleansing for the particular ritual. She notes ” I wanted to use something specifically for me that brought in the elements of whatever I was working on, this led me to soap making.”

Betty Jane started selling soap by accident, making too much soap for personal use.  That first recipient loved it; the business started and has grown from that point.  The best thing she’s learned as a soapmaker is that there is always more to learn and finds within the Guild a willingness to share information and experience. Betty Jane is a certified herbalist.

She loves to travel especially to the UK and goes at least once a year. While she works full time for Goddess Blends, she also works for her husband and gets to be home doing both.  She found the Guild while searching online and joined right away.

Betty Jane’s advice for new soapers: “Join the Guild for the information and expertise that comes at so low a cost and GO TO CONFERENCE!  I went last year and learned so much I had a blast.”  At this year’s Conference, she’ll be helping out on ground crew.  She emphasizes, “You cannot put a price tag on what you learn at Conference.  You will meet suppliers, fellow soapers, and business mentors.  There is no way that you should miss out on this opportunity”.

Note: For those of you who watch the Guild Forum, Betty Jane’s lovely basement studio, shown in these photos, was flooded twice this winter. She is in the process of remodeling it and we hope it turns out better than ever.
Written by Dottie Simmons, P&S Committee Volunteer

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