Member Spotlight – Abbey’s Handcrafted Soaps

Soapmaking with a Cause – A Passionate Soapmaker’s Story

We are all familiar with the New Orleans flood but Kay Rose and her daughter, Abbey, have taken it personally. Still rebuilding and tearing down many homes, Abbey’s mission group was there right after Katrina hit. Experience came from their mission team helping build houses in Appalachia and Pedros Negros, Mexico similar to the Habitat for Humanity.

Upon arrival, the greatest need was food, clothing, and everyday supplies. They partially renovated a school enough to house volunteers and supplies. Next was the VERY hard work of clearing debris in the homes followed by gutting them. Kay and her husband along with a group from their church were right there helping. She said, “It was so sad to go into a home (like yours and mine) with a shovel removing debris as you went. Everything was covered with mud and oil and had heaped and dried that way. You saw children’s toys, family pictures and Bibles. There were rats, snakes, lizards, and huge cockroaches that surfaced as you tore out the walls and ceilings to the rafters and studs. Once in a while we would find something partially intact… a cross on the wall untouched. Special masks and gloves had to be worn. Hats should have been a requirement and I didn’t think of that until the cockroaches rained into my hair one day. Uck!”

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HSMG Experts Panel – Labeling Your Products Day at the Forum

Marie Gale is not only HSMG’s awesome President but an author of a very helpful book and we will have her here for you at the next Forum Experts Panel. The master of multitasking, Marie has cleared her schedule for Tuesday, March 24th from 10 am – 2 pm pacific time to discuss your questions regarding her book subject of soap and cosmetic labeling. She is the expert in FDA labeling regulations and will clarify all your questions. This is truly valuable time spent with Marie so mark your calendar for this special opportunity Labeling Your Products Day at the Forum.
Maria Gelnett
Chair – Programs and Services