Member Spotlight – Get Real! Get Wild! With A Wild Soap Bar LLC

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Maggie Hanus, Soap Bartender

Maggie’s nostalgic story comes from reading Sandy Maine’s first book. It inspired Maggie to give soapmaking a try and over 14 years later she is hopelessly addicted to the craft.

Maggie taught herself many handcrafted skills like crochet, beadwork, jewelry, pressed flowers, nature prints and even home building! The same with soapmaking, she just dove in.Her motto “Practice makes perfect”.

Maggie’s first soapmaking business started as a hobby and was called Lone Star Soaps. Since then she’s had several different names before settling on A Wild Soap Bar.

The best thing Maggie has learned as a soapmaker is hard to narrow down. In general, she has realized that dreams really do come true. If you work long and hard, anything is possible.

Maggie works mostly on the soap business these days, but otherwise enjoys spending time with family, watching movies at home, dining out, sipping wine, studying herbalism and native plants, and perusing trade magazines and the internet for ideas and inspiration.

All kidding aside, Maggie puts in a 70 hour plus week doing what she absolutely loves. Guidance for others is to “Go for it! Get ready for a lot of hard work. I recommend the pay as you go method, steering clear of debt, especially during these uncertain economic times. Probably the hardest thing to do is to stay focused. Carve out your narrow little niche, put your blinders on, and stick to it.”

Maria Gelnett
P&S Chair

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