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Kelly Bloom is one amazing lady and we will have her at the next Experts Panel – “Grow Your Business” Day at the HSMG Forum. She does it all as a Supplier of Extraordinary soapmaking supplies, Soapalooza! Soap Arts Studio owner, Blog: southernsoapers.com/news/ & Southern Soapers Yahoo Forum owner as well as mother to five children.

Find out how she brings it all together well and grows her business, too. This is truly valuable time to spend with Kelly, so clear your schedules and mark your calendars for Tuesday, February 24, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Eagerly awaiting this time? Visit Southern Soapers at www.southernsoapers.com and join Kelly’s Yahoo group. You will surely be energized and impressed!                                                        Kelly Bloom – BloomWorks

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