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Athena’s Olive Tree Soaps – Rachel Timmerman
Rachel first started out by making her own skincare products, mostly masks and scrubs, for her own personal use.  Amazed at the results, she started researching other products that could be made at home – like soaps! Initially dabbling in CP, HP, and MP, college dormitory life and rules narrowed her focus down to learning more about Melt and Pour.
Rachel began selling products in 2008… not very long! She’s been very lucky though – since launching her website and etsy shop, has been featured in Daily Candy and The Post Express newspapers!
Rachel has learned via soapmaking that patience is key! Multitasking while soaping and rushing through is not worth an inferior product.  Rachel’s tug for a first place love is to play with her two tiny yorkies – Lily and Daisy.  They can challenge a soapmaking session in her “work room” as they stand and wimper at the baby gate because they want to play! Rachel’s hope is to have a boutique one day and be able to work on Athena’s Olive Tree full time! Thankfully, Rachel’s and her husband were researching craft company start up information and came across teachsoap.com! Their page about insuring your company led her to the HSMG.  Rachel is currently a volunteer for the Programs and Services Committee using her marketing and advertising talents.
Rachel’s advice to soapmakers is to take your time. Start with a few key products … something fun, and in certain niche categories, e.g. acne, dry skin, oily skin etc. Once you find your market, expand from there. Lesson learned when she cut back her product offers once realizing that she jumped ahead too soon.
DailyCandy has nominated Athenas Olive Tree Soap in their “Sweetest Things of 2008” contest. Want to know how she got the name for her business?  Check out her websites: www.AthenasOliveTree.com and http://athenasolivetree.etsy.com.
Maria Gelnett
P&S Chair

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