Lifetime Member Spotlight – Jackie Thompson

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Gaily Rebecca Soaps – Jackie Thompson

It all started with a runaway herb garden! Jackie was trying to find more ways to utilize all of her herbs and came across Susan Cavitch’s soapmaking book in the public Library.  Intrigued, she made some soap and the rest is history.

Jackie now works with her daughter, Gaily, who is the President of the Company  They divide time between the family ranch in Texas and their home in Pennsylvania but will soon have a manufacturing shop on the ranch in Texas.  Moving their soap shop from Pennsylvania to Texas has slowed operations down, however they are looking forward to gearing up bigger and better in Texas!

When Gaily Rebecca Soaps developed the 3D ProForm Mold, they decided the HSMG Conference would be a good place to introduce the mold to fellow soapmakers.  They joined the HSMG and became a vendor at the Virginia Beach Conference in 2001.  She states, “It was the best money we ever spent, not only for promoting our product, but for the education in soapmaking and the camaraderie among fellow soapmakers.  We haven’t missed a Conference since.”

Since becoming a member of the HSMG, Jackie has served in numerous positions:

     Chair of the Bylaw Revision Committee
     Chair of the 2003 Nominating Committee
     Co-Chair of the 2003 Conference Committee
     Member of the Board of Director’s where she served as:
          Executive Committee Member
          Chair of the Policies, Procedures and Bylaws Committee
          Interim Chair of the Certification Committee
         Vice President

Due to family illness in the Fall of 2007, Jackie resigned from the Board but still continues to serve on the Policies, Procedures and Bylaws Committee and the Certification Committee.

Jackie’s high school sweetheart Stan, husband of 37 years, and she have three grown children – daughter Gaily of Gaily Rebecca Soaps, son Joe, a singer and songwriter in New York City and daughter Sarah, mom to Jackie’s two beautiful grandchildren, Jack and Emelia .

When not making soap, running the household and helping work the ranch, Jackie enjoys her grandchildren.  In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, duck hunting, gardening, walking, reading and playing bridge.

Maria Gelnett
P&S Chair

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