First Member Spotlight – For Your Glory Soap Inc.

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Like many of us, Lori Bettendorf had a family member in need to get started in soapmaking.  Her teenage daughter’s skin condition did not respond to OTC products.  Also discouraged by the chemical load in skin cleansers, she researched and was enamored by all of the advantageous qualities in natural base oils and pure essential oils.  Three years ago, she birthed For Your Glory Soap and is still loving it!  Lori was enlightened many years ago to better eating habits for her family, free range grass fed and pure products and appreciates that it is equally important to be aware of what we put on our skin.  When not working full time at soapmaking, she enjoys reading her Bible, creating tapestry boxes and scrolls with scripture, flower arranging, interior decorating, renaissance and baroque art.  

An advocate for the HSMG via Glorybee Foods, Lori gives words of encouragement to new soapmakers “Don’t ever give up!  Encourage yourself and discover all that you are.  Enjoy Creating!

Maria Gelnett

P&S Chair

2 Comments on “First Member Spotlight – For Your Glory Soap Inc.”

  1. It is great to meet you Lori and thanks for sharing your story. Hope to see you in Palm Springs…only a few short months away!
    HSMG Membership Committee chair

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