FDA Globalization Act – 2009

With the new administration and the recent salmonella outbreaks, Rep. Dingell has submitted a new version of the FDA Globalization Act.  It is HR-759, was introduced on January 28th and has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The good news is that our voice was heard and the section on Cosmetics has been considerably toned down from the 2008 version.  Huge fees and other impossible requirements are gone!

The bill does require registration of cosmetic manufacturing facilities and some other administrative and labeling requirements.  (And if someone dies or is hospitalized as a result of your cosmetic, you have to report that.)

What happens next?

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HSMG Volunteer Spotlight – Pat Allen

HSMG Volunteer Spotlight  – Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps, Inc. – Pat Allen

Goats got Pat started in soapmaking when looking for ways to use surplus goat milk. Introduced to goat milk soap by a neighbor, she started researching and in Pat’s words “Whooooo … I had no idea that goat milk had so much to offer.”  Coming from a career as a technical writer/researcher/corporate trainer, Pat had to find out what making soap was all about. After two years of research and self-training, Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps, Inc. was incorporated in 2005.  She actually developed her own soapmaking calculator so she could conceptualize the process along with the scale.  Pat does all the creativity in the business process from start to finish from her factory, located next to the largest goat barn.  In addition, she and her husband Bob own/operate Sleeping Dog Ranch Nubians where she breeds and sells purebred Nubian goats. 

Pat still finds spare time to be active in the County’s agricultural world.  

From an internet search, Pat found that HSMG offered the additional education she wanted for her future. Insurance was a huge need, so she was happy to find it through the HSMG.  After Pat read all the available literature, she  became involved with a few committees so she could continue learning. Currently Pat works on the following committees:  Certification and the Labeling Requirements Subcommittee, Policies, Procedures & Bylaws and Programs and Services.  Pat said, “The Board Staff and committee members are impressive, dedicated, sharing soapmakers who contribute endlessly to improving their craft as well as taking a stand on making their organization its professional best. I’m honored to be working with them.”

Pat’s advice to soapmakers, “Just jump in. Every business has its scary parts, but working through those parts define us. You’ll win some. You’ll lose some. We all go through this. The trick is to keep going and learn something new every day. Let that new thing help you further your family’s well-being.”  

Pat’s reward is sitting on her deck with a glass of wine, nibbling on some handmade goat milk cheese while watching her critters play.  Pat’s and her husband Bob are also interested in photography.  http://www.grannannysgoatmilksoaps.net


Maria Gelnett – P&S Chair 

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