FDA Globalization Act – 2009

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With the new administration and the recent salmonella outbreaks, Rep. Dingell has submitted a new version of the FDA Globalization Act.  It is HR-759, was introduced on January 28th and has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The good news is that our voice was heard and the section on Cosmetics has been considerably toned down from … Read More

HSMG Volunteer Spotlight – Pat Allen

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HSMG Volunteer Spotlight  – Gran’ Nanny’s Goat Milk Soaps, Inc. – Pat Allen Goats got Pat started in soapmaking when looking for ways to use surplus goat milk. Introduced to goat milk soap by a neighbor, she started researching and in Pat’s words “Whooooo … I had no idea that goat milk had so much to offer.”  Coming from a … Read More

Soapmaking Safety New Forum Topic

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Soap Guild Member Forum Information forum for Soap Guild Members A new section has been added to the HSMG Forum under Art of Soapmaking called Safety.  It is ready to populate it with knowledge, bloopers and blunders that would be helpful to all Members.  I know I have a few.  http://soapguild.org/forum/ Maria Gelnett P&S Chair

HSMG Annual Membership Drive

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February is Annual Membership Drive Month, with double Golden Soap Bubbles awarded for all referrals who sign up. The person who gets the most Golden Soap Bubbles will be awarded a full conference scholarship courtesy of Stratus Insurance!   You can now submit referrals and view the status of all your referrals online in the HSMG website Member Area. www.soapguild.org … Read More

Lifetime Member Spotlight – Jackie Thompson

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Gaily Rebecca Soaps – Jackie Thompson It all started with a runaway herb garden! Jackie was trying to find more ways to utilize all of her herbs and came across Susan Cavitch’s soapmaking book in the public Library.  Intrigued, she made some soap and the rest is history. Jackie now works with her daughter, Gaily, who is the President of … Read More

Marketing Day at the Forum with The Soap Queen!

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At our HSMG Members’ request for an Experts Panel forum in Marketing, I’ve arranged for Brambleberry’s www.brambleberry.com Anne-Marie Faiola to answer all your toughest questions.  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 27 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm PST.  Yes, that’s right! The Soap Queen Blog:  www.soapqueen.com will be with us for a Marketing Day at the Forum. I am so honored that Anne-Marie carved … Read More

P&S Committee Spotlight – Rachel Timmerman

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Athena’s Olive Tree Soaps – Rachel Timmerman Rachel first started out by making her own skincare products, mostly masks and scrubs, for her own personal use.  Amazed at the results, she started researching other products that could be made at home – like soaps! Initially dabbling in CP, HP, and MP, college dormitory life and rules narrowed her focus down to learning more about Melt … Read More

Member Call for Recipes

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The HSMG Member Resources Reference Library section of our website http://soapguild.org/will soon include a searchable area for all types of soapmaking recipes.  P&S Committee member Barb Downey mrsmagnet@roadrunner.com will be collecting your recipes to be posted.  We are looking for MP, CP and HP of all kinds, simple to exotic.  Each recipe will include your signature and contact info.  If you … Read More

First Member Spotlight – For Your Glory Soap Inc.

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Like many of us, Lori Bettendorf had a family member in need to get started in soapmaking.  Her teenage daughter’s skin condition did not respond to OTC products.  Also discouraged by the chemical load in skin cleansers, she researched and was enamored by all of the advantageous qualities in natural base oils and pure essential oils.  Three years ago, she … Read More