HSMG Members Call for Soap Sample

Dear HSMG Members,

Eco Gift Festival 2008 has given us a wonderful opportunity to put our handcrafted soap samples into the gift bags of 400 volunteers to their event. Held in Santa Monica, CA, this is a large scale eco-conscious gift show that provides people with a convenient and green Holiday shopping experience. They are excited to reward their volunteers with a natural gift such as ours. It is rare that we receive an opportunity to advertise our wonderful soap “hands-on” literally. Time is limited with a deadline for your soap to reach me by November 30. The Eco Gift staff will receive boxes full of our own labeled soap, but representing the HSMG. If you would like to participate by including one free sample of your soap, please contact me at mgelnett@soapguild.org to get mailing information. If more than 400 participate, they will get all donations.

Maria Gelnett
Programs and Services Chair


8 thoughts on “HSMG Members Call for Soap Sample

  1. HSMG Pgms and Svcs says:

    An HSMG P&S Committee Member is graciously handling this project. Just email me mgelnett@soapguild.org and I’ll get you the mailing information. Just after 11/30/08, she will mail boxes of our donated soap along with an HSMG informational brochure to the Festival location that will be inserted along with your personally labeled soap into 400 volunteers’ thank-you gift bags. Our goal is to get a couple of bars in each bag and we are well on our way to accomplishing that.
    Maria Gelnett
    P&S Chair

  2. HSMG Pgms and Svcs says:

    I’m happy to report this update on the Eco Gift Fest. Soap Sample Project. To date, 76 beautiful bars have been collected. We will easily reach our goal of 400 (1-2 bars per Member) but remember that anything over our goal still gets sent to fill the volunteers’ bags for this spectacular event. There is still time to send bars with the new ship date of 11/30/08. Take advantage of this HSMG Member opportunity to advertise your soap.
    Maria Gelnett
    P&S Chair

  3. HSMG Pgms and Svcs says:

    Feleciai reports as of last Monday, 300 bars and they are still coming. I hope to get a report tomorrow and update with photos. Can only imagine that her home smells great!
    Maria Gelnett

  4. HSMG Pgms and Svcs says:

    339 bars of soap as of this morning, one more arrival day today and they will be shipped tomorrow. Under separate mailing are 400 copies of our NEW HSMG brochure. I look forward to a hearing from a Member who achieved a worthwhile account from this advertising.

    Maria Gelnett

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